Hi I'm Martin D Hyde, a visual artist and musician based in the Peak District, UK.
I work with music labels, agencies, and artists directly and help them present their music with consistency across all assets. From album cover art to posters, online banners, videos, Spotify Canvas, and more – my experience as a fine art painter and graphic designer allow me to offer a complete solution.
My services include:
Album Cover Artwork
EP & Single Cover Artwork
Physical Releases
Digital Releases
Social Media & Web
Music Videos
As a music lover and avid record collector, I appreciate how powerful it can be to find synergy between sound and vision, and I love working with artists to realise their ideas and concepts.
My first single art was in 2004 for Joan as a Police Woman (Reveal Records) which was a design and digital illustration project.  Since then I have done many more albums, singles, music videos, posters, etc for bands, including LAU who were the first to use one of my paintings. I’ve always been drawn to music and I can relate to the artistic process of musicians and it has a lot in common with my process as a visual artist.  
Why the name Art Brut Creative?
Art Brut was a modern art movement, which in French translates to raw art. It was traditionally associated with outsider artists. I felt this really resonates with the sort of bands I like and how I feel myself. 
Process Artwork and design
I’m happy to work to a brief and have experience of working with both pre-existing images and generating new pieces. 
Sometimes record labels and musicians have encountered a painting and asked to use it for their release, and on other occasions, I’ve listened to an artists’ music and been inspired to paint new work.
My graphic design experience and fine art background combine well for such projects and it feels exciting to have these different routes available to us.
I am fluent in graphic design for print and digital and can deal with all aspects of production. As an artist and designer, I can provide a consistent look and feel across all mediums a band might use, including physical formats, digital releases, posters, merchandise,  branding, adverts, music videos, etc. 
Artist Statement
“Martin's emotionally charged artworks reflect on living with cyclic depression, the impact on those around him and his place in the world.” 
I’m a practicing fine artist and paint expressive abstract style usually using acrylic on canvas. Through my paintings, I reflect on life as a person living with depression, those around me and my place in the world. My work often features figurative elements, symbols or landscapes with differing levels of abstraction, with one series informing the next. Like the cyclic nature of depression, this is a recurring process and the level of abstraction often relates to where I find myself in the cycle. 

“My intention is for my artwork to be multi-layered. I believe once an artwork is completed, the meaning of the artwork then becomes the domain of the viewer. It’s important for the viewer to put their own interpretation on the work even if it differs from my original intention.” Martin D Hyde

Visit mdhyde.com for more information on my art practice.
I have been a finalist in the Recommended Agency Register (RAR) awards in 3 different years in multiple categories.  I have also been in the Association of Illustrators (AOI) Best of British Illustration book twice. I was selected by the Ashurst Emerging Artist Award in 2017. My artwork was selected by the Royal Academy for the RBSA Open in 2018 and 2019. 
Get in contact
Use the form below to get in contact to talk about your project or call me on +44 (0)7775 758131.
Thank you!
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